Current Projects

Multisensory perception and ageing

We have investigated the role of ageing on multisensory processes using a range of different tasks including speech perception and event perception. In our recent work, we are collaborating with the TILDA study (The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing), which is a large-scale (8,500+ participants), nationally representative, longitudinal study of ageing in Ireland (commenced in 2009 and currently (2021) on its sixth wave of testing). The current project is funded by the Health Research Board, in collaboration with Dr. Annalisa Setti (UCC) and Prof. Ladan Shams (UCLA) and aims to provide a better understanding of the role of ageing on multisensory perception.

We use the Sound Induced Flash Illusion (or SIFI; Shams et al., 2000, 2002) to examine multisensory perception in ageing. SIFI is a well-established measure of audio-visual integration.

Multisensory perception and development: weDRAW

In weDRAW, we will develop an multisensory technology and three serious games that will exploit the best modality for learning arithmetic and geometrical concepts. In particular weDRAW will provide the elements to the teacher to determine which is the best modality (visual, audio or haptic) to teach specific concepts to students. We will use a multisensory approach to open a new teaching/learning channel, personalized for each student based on multisensory interactive technology. Besides application to typical children, a major goal and output of this project consists of applying the proposed multisensory approach and technologies to two specific populations: visually impaired and dyslexic children. This research is funded by the European Commission; Research and Innovation Action.

Other Projects

Metropolis Project
Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) project
Centre for Ageing Research and Development (CARDI) project
TCD-UCD Innovation Academy
Vanquishing Fear and Apathy Through E-inclusion (VERVE) project
Creating Socially Appealing Avatars (CAPTAVATAR) project