Lab Alumni

Dr Sarah M Cooney, now Assistant Professor at UCD

Dr Corrine A Holmes , now at facebook

Dr David P McGovern, now Assistant Professor at DCU

Dr Eugenie Roudaia, now at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Dr Hanni Kiiski , now a Post Doc in the Whelan Lab at TCD

Dr Annalisa Setti, now a lecturer at UCC

Dr Jason Chan , now a lecturer at UCC

Dr Kylie Barnett, now at RCSI

Dr Cristina Simões-Franklin, now at Beaumont Hospital

Dr Stephen Meredith

Dr Bernard Stienen

Dr Brendan Cullen

Dr Pik Ki Ho, now a Assistant Professor at Heriott Watt University

Dr Corrina Maguinness, now a Post Doc at Technische Universität Dresden

Dr Maeve Barrett , now a Post Doc at Georgetown University

Dr Alan O’ Dowd, now a Post Doc with the Multisensory Cognition Lab

Dr Niamh Merriman, now a Post Doc at RCSI

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