Our lab has participated in multiple exhibitions with the Science Gallery in Dublin

Intimacy 2019
Fake 2018
Illusion 2013
Take a second look 2012
Love Lab 2012
Human + 2011
Bio Rhythm 2011
Metropolis 2009
Professor Fiona Newell at the Love Lab, Science Gallery

Summer Scientist Week

Our lab collected developmental data at Summer Scientist Week in the University of Nottingham in 2019 (in-person) and 2020 (online)

Additional outreach

  • Fiona Newell in discussion with Mark Cousins and David Eagleman on Mark’s new film ‘The Story of Looking’ (September, 2021)
  • Fiona Newell discusses face blindness and super recognition on Futureproof on Newstalk radio with Jonathan McCrea (May, 2021).
  • Fiona Newell and Alan O’ Dowd demoed the Rubber Hand Illusion during Science Week Ireland (2019)
  • Fiona Newell discusses ageing, the brain and video game interventions for Hello Brain, an initiative to provide accessible scientific information about brain health.
Fiona Newell discusses aesthetics at TEDx Dublin
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